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Transport Design
Tran Quang Dieu - Long Xuyen City
Name of project Tran Quang Dieu - Long Xuyen City

Number 04

Building location City of Long Xuyen - An Giang Province

Mission : 
- Creating beauty urban beauty 
- Settling in urban traffic is favorable 

Scope of works 
- The asphalt macadam road 
- Street level urban A2 
- Length: 270 m 
- Pavement width: 10.5m 
- The margins on each side: 5.0m 
- High design: +2.80

Capital investment : Budget

Management Agency Transportation Division of Long Xuyên city

Total capital investment :
- 400 million VND
Consultant Scope : 
- Topographic survey 
- Design Phase

Year : 2001
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